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Walvoil Hydraulic Valves

Progressive Power & Control sells Walvoil spool valves, proportional valves and load sensing valves for bucket lift applications such as bang bang valves.

Walvoil Monoblock Valves

Simple, compact heavy duty, these valves are used when dimensions, weight and price are extremely important. Walvoil monoblock valves have been successfully used in fields such as agriculture, earth moving machines, lifting equipments and aerial platform and truck articulated boom cranes.

Front-End Loader Valves

Sections modularity; parallel, series and tandem circuit, port service valves; adjustable regulating flow and pressure intermediate sections; these characteristics let Walvoil sectional valve offer the right flexibility in order to make high technology systems in fields such as earth moving machines, truck articulated boom, telescopic boom fork lifts, harvesting machines, and trash compactors.

Pressure compensated Load-Sensing valves

  • Load Sensing control valves, DPX Series - The new Load Sensing DPX series is designed based on a Flow Sharing concept providing for proportional flow distribution even at full capacity. Both available for fixed capacity (open center) pumps and variable (closed center) pumps.
  • DPX100 modular Load Sensing control valves has been designed for technical installations of latest generation on: mini-excavators, brush cutters, truck cranes, rubber tired excavators, telescopic booms.
  • DPX160 modular Load Sensing control valves is best suitable for advanced technical installations on: midiexcavators, crane trucks, telescopic booms and stacker cranes.
  • DPC130 sectional Load Sensing control valves is normally used for mobile machinery, agricultural machines, cranes, drilling rigs and compactors. The spools have various hydraulic configurations: double-acting, single acting, 4th position floating control and are pre-set for different flow rates. The feedback-based electro-proportional control kit is equipped with on-board electronics and can be interfaced with the CAN bus system.
  • DPC38 Load Sensing control valves, available from 1 to 10 sections, is used for systems with fixed displacement pumps (open centre version) or Load-Sensing variable displacement pumps (closed centre version). The service valves and intermediate sections avalibility, make DPC38 valve suitable for agricultural machines, drilling rigs etc.

Walvoil Diverter Valves

These products are complementary to the directional control valves to provide a sequence of operations, safety operations and/or an actuator selection. Two versions are available: alternating spool ( Series DF and DFE ) or rotary spool ( Series Dh ) Mechanical controls are provided for series DF and DH while the DFE use solenoid control.

  • Walvoil DF Monoblock diverter valve with mechanical spool control. Also available as DFC configuration, suitable for any enviroment condition and heavy duty applications.
  • Walvoil DFE Monoblock diverter valve series with solenoid. Different configurations and volatege are available.
  • Walvoil DFE141 - DFE143
    6-8 way monoblock solenoid operated diverter valve; they can be configured with ports relief valves. The special design is ideal for application on front-loaders.
  • Walvoil DFE110 12 way monoblock solenoid operated diverter valve; the special design is ideal for application on front-loaders.
  • Walvoil DFE080 Sectional diverter valve, 6 to 10 way, for low flow. Mainly used on mini-excavators or as a diverter valve for pilot line.
  • Walvoil DFE100 Sectional diverter valve, 6 to 10 way, mainly used on mini-excavators and agricultural machines.
  • Walvoil DFE140 Sectional diverter valve, 6 to 10 way. A block with cross over antishock valves can be flange mounted.
  • Walvoil DH 3-4 way rotary spool diverter valve, that can be coupled to obtain 6-way or 8-way circuit.

Walvoil Sectional Valves

These valves are widely used in every field where reliability, constant flow and simultaneous independent operations are needed to enhance the performance of the machine. Cranes, aerial platforms, telescopic booms, drilling rigs as well as big harvesting machines are main users of these valves.

Proportional Valves

Remote Controls

Mobile machines are becoming more and more confortable and safe, and as a consequence, the directional control valves has been moved away from the operator and remotely operated. Walvoil provides the possibility to control the valves with mechanical controls seriesTC-TCC-SCF, hydraulic pilot valves series SVM, pneumatic pilot valves series SVP and electronic control series MDT-ME-MEW

Cable Connection Kits; Joystick Cable Control; Oil Pilot Controls; Controller Handles

Hydraulic remote pilot controls

Walvoil’s complete line of hydraulic pilot controls can be used in all application sectors: joysticks for mini-excavators and fork lifts, sectional valves for overhead platform and pedals for large excavators. New series of SVM pilot control valves is available also with electromagnetic detent and executions specially designed to permit an accuracy operation of translation motor and hydrostatic transmission for earth moving machines

Handles and handlevers

The need of more comfortable and always more complete controls led Walvoil to develop a wide range of handles and handlevers suitable for its diretcional control valves. Besides the traditional handlevers for standard valves, we have made a series of handles with microswitches with ergonomic design, expressely studied to allow the proper operating functions and comfort to the end user.